Thursday, 1 August 2013

Cat Fit

Poor Isobel has been having seizures.

About six months ago, I came downstairs in the morning and found a small pool of cat wee.  I kept vigilant, but it seemed to be a one off.

Some weeks later, there was another one, with a bit of foamy stuff beside it.  I mentioned it to DH, and we speculated that Izzy had perhaps had lost bladder control whilst being cat-sick.

There were a couple more episodes.  About a month ago, after one episode with quite a lot of foam,  it occurred to DH that perhaps Izzy was having a fit.

Last night, Izzy woke us up with some pitiful meowing.  She's done that before (and when we get up to investigate, there's nothing to find) , but this sounded a bit strangled.  DH got up, and found Izzy at the bottom of the stairs,  apparently paralysed.  She'd definitely had a fit - there was a lot of foam and a cat wee,  and she couldn't move.   He ran back upstairs to get his dressing gown, and hurried back downstairs together. 

At this point Isobel was no longer paralysed, but was completely spaced out.  We checked her over, cleaned up,  and then suddenly she was fine and was starving hungry.   She had two half packs of food, and she looked as though nothing had happened.

We got an appointment at the Vet today, and we're just off there now.

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