Thursday, 1 August 2013

Dehydrator hit and myths

My banana chips didn't go crispy. Not even after 30 hours.

My replacement dehydrator book arrived today (the original one got lost in the post).  It mentioned 8 hours for drying banana slices, and mentioned chewy.  Nothing about crispy, snappable, chips.  

I googled why arent my banana chips crispy dehydrator (or something like that) and found pages of people bemoaning their inability to get crispy banana chips.

There is even information from Excalibur saying that it is not possible to get crisp banana chips in a dehydrator.

It appears the chips have to be fried before drying.


I'm going to try frying some courgettes (as I have an abundance of those) and then drying them.

Meanwhile, I've tested the temperature of the dryer using a probe thermometer. Spot on!

And the dehydrator book contains a number of recipes for dehydrator macaroons... very interesting.  


  1. I get crispy banana chips in my Excalibur? I have no problems, but drying times ARE affected by humidity levels and with the rain we have been having for the last few days I wouldn't have tried drying them at the moment. Hope this helps?

  2. Sarah, thanks for that - what temperature do you dry at, and for how long please?

  3. I slice into 1/8 inch thick slices or lengths and dry on the Fruit setting, which is 57 C on my Excalibur. The time taken varies on humidity but at least 8 - 10 hours. I leave the bananas in until they snap if I want them crispy, or until they are bendy if that is how I want them.

    I dry them to snapping if I want to then grind them up into banana sprinkles- but for general chewing or later rehydrating a bit bendy seems ok.

    Really depends how long you want to keep them as well - the drier, the better for storage.

    Does this help you?