Friday, 16 August 2013

Broody Exchange

At last!

It seems as though Poppy has finally stopped being broody, 2 months after starting.

She went broody mid-June, and has stayed glued to the nestbox since then.  She comes out, of her own accord, for the necessaries.  She came out, when forced by me, usually having a quick leg stretch and nibble before dashing back in. 

She's missed the chicks. She nearly missed the death of Milly.  She's been on the periphery of Tilda's attempt at reintroduction.

And this morning, Florence has installed herself in the nestbox as the replacement broody.  I've hoiked her out and put her in the purple Cube Run. She has shelter, food, water, but the pop hole to the purple Cube is closed.

She will stay there until everyone has laid and I can close the orange cube's pop hole.

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