Friday, 2 August 2013

Isobel, and Tilda

Nothing obviously amiss with Isobel.  Vet took blood and urine, and we got the results last night. All clear.  So, the good news is that Izzy's fits aren't caused by kidney (or other organ) problems.

She doesn't seem to be fitting often enough to put her on anti convulsants, so we need to monitor her.

We're setting up a camera by the back door which is where she has had the other fits.


Tilda is still on holiday with the Others. 

Yesterday evening she went to bed first, before getting harangued. She then stoof in the doorway and refused entry to Poppy.  Lotti didn't even try.  When the other Big Girls went to bed, Tilda moved her head out of the way and let them in.

She was panting a lot. Stupid chicken clearly hadn't been drinking enough.  I spent half an hour syringing water into her (she wouldn't drink directly from the proffered coop cup).

She's refused to drink from any of the four waterers available to her today.  Eventually I took her round to the nipple drinker, and taught her to use that.

Other than that (rather crucial detail) she looks really well.  Her tail is up, her eyes are bright,  she's sitting near the others rather than hiding all the time.      

Maybe she really is moving out this time.....  if it wasn't for the threat of the caecal poos, I'd be a little sad about it.

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