Saturday, 4 August 2012

Will they, won't they?

At 4 o'clock I made a decision.  If the chicks put themselves to bed in the Cube by 6pm, I'd leave them in there. If not, I'd put them back in the shed.

At 5.30, everyone was very industriously stuffing their beaks. A few chicks went up the ladder into the Cube.  And a while later, came down again.

At 5.55, I reluctantly went and sorted out the shed.  At 5.57, I realised that the chicks weren't ready for bed. Yesterday, they had started to snuggle in a pile. Today, everyone was still very active.  The up and down laddering continued.

So, I decided to wait and see.  If they started to create a pile, I'd put them in the shed.  

Meanwhile, I put the Big Girls away. Apart from Milly, who is having her third nevening of not knowing where bed is.  Or is just being Milly.  Coaxing failed, so I just shut the others in and left her out.  I'm sure she'll go and sit by the door when she's ready.

In the meantime, I'm waiting for the chicks to decide where to settle.


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  2. Hi Noma, thanks for your message. I didn't go for a Britannia cooker in the end. It was a very close run thing. The clincher was that the second oven didn't have pyrolitic cleaning, and that would have been the oven I would have used most. I was concerned that I woul spend all that money, and still be frustrated with oven cleaning. In the end I bought a Stoves range cooker. It looks lovely, it feels more solidly built than the other non-Britannia equivalents. Because it was a lot cheaper than the Britannia, I felt that I could then replace it sooner if I got fed up with it or if it didn't live up to expectations. I'm mostly happy with it, and it looks lovely (I went for Papaya colour). The one downside is that the gas things on the Britannia were really solid and wouldn't get knocked off when cleaning, but on the Stoves they do. Overall I think I made the right choice for me. I would definitely consider both Stoves and Britannia next time.
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