Thursday, 2 August 2012

Stepping Up

My Dri-box arrived today. It's a black, plastic, waterproof, box which you can use in the garden to keep electrical extensions safe from the weather.    Why is this relevant?  Well, we have the Electric Hen (EH) on in the back of the Go, and we've temporarily been standing the power supply on the chicks ladder and covered with a plastic cloche and secured with a brick.

Today I was able to replace all that, which meant that I could put the ladder inside the run for the chicks to start to get used to.   I put it at a fairly easy angle, lodged at the top near the Go door and at the bottom with a brick.  I came inside to wash my hands,  and when I got back outside the ladder was covered in chicks.

 They were busy making their way to the top of the ladder, and then back down again.   As I watched them, I realised that once they got to the top, they weren't able (or confident) enough to hop up on to the top of the Go.

I watched for a little longer, and then decided to take action.  I adjusted the setup so that the ladder went all the way to the top.  It was a bit steep, but I thought I'd see what happened.

A few of them have been up there, all the way to the top.  I'll see how it goes... I might move the Go forward, and put the ladder behind it so that it still reaches the top but is not so steep (the Go is sloped). 

Looks like we might be adding the Cube sooner than I thought.

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