Thursday, 2 August 2012

Ready for tomorrow

So, we've attached the Cube, which I scrubbed out earlier. We removed one of the Run sections, which still gives them a net increase of 1 metre plus the footprint previously occupied by the Go.

We've (well, DH has) trimmed down one of the large door panels so it fits on the side.

Roosting bars removed, and the Electric Hen is sitting in the back, not plugged in yet.  Tomorrow we'll put the chicks in the back of the Cube for a short while, then let them out.    They'll continue going back into the shed at night for the next few nights.

It's so fantastic having all this Cube run. Last year, we had the chicks free ranging (within a netted area), and we found that one of us had to be here all the time. This was because it meant putting the chicks away - restriucting their area - if we weren't around.   Now, weather permitting,  we don't have to ensure that one of us is here 100% of the time as they have a fox proof run to play in.   

We will let them free range soon..... but that's not in the next few days.

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