Friday, 24 August 2012

Poorly chook

Milly was very unwell on Thursday.  I thought she was going to die, she looked soooo ill.   I thought it might be heatstroke, so I syringed water into her,  and wrapped her in a cool damp towel.  I left her in a shady cool place for the day,  and kept going out to syringe her every hour. I have her some nutridrops.

She looked so ill that I thought the stress of a car journeyto the vets might kill her. I offered her chick crumb in yoghurt, but she didn't want it.  I put her in the nest box in the afternoon, with a coop-cup of water.   Last evening,  she finally stuck her head in the cup, and had a drink, then another one.  I kept going out every half hour to splash the water to get her to drink, until it was dark.

This morning, she was up and unsteady.  She sat outside, so I moved a bowl of water near her, and offered her some mealworms. She ate the mealworms, but had some clear liquid come out of her mouth.   I gave her some chick crumb, and left her to rest quietly.

She's breathing OK now, and has had a bit of a walk around, but she's still spending time resting.  I'm assuming it was heatstroke, and hopefully she'll get back to her normal (spiteful, frankly) self.

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