Thursday, 9 August 2012

Happy Birthday 5 weeks old

So, the chicks are 5 weeks old today (well, technically, some aren't 5 weeks old until tomorrow).

DH cut a plank especially to fit across the width of the Cube, so I could remove the plank-on-bricks arrangement that we had before.    The chicks love it....although of course none of them were on it at the moment my camera shutter clicked
I have added an extra feeder, so there are 4 stations now.  This morning I added some growers pellets to each feeder - just a small amount.  The next step will be to introduce the Grandpas Feeder, in the open position, to get them used to it. 
Last night, we waited to see whether they would take themselves to bed.  A couple went in and out a few times.   DH and I went and watched TV to distract ourselves,  popping intot ht ekitchen every 10 minutes to see whether there was any progress.

After about half an hour,  ten of them managed to get themselves to bed. 8 of them failed completely.  We went back to the TV, but the cheeping got louder and louder.  In the end we had to catch them and putthem on the top of the ladder so they could find their way into the Cube.

Today's plan is to move the Cube again. It's a warm day so I've switched the Electric Hen (EH) off.  I might leave it off overnight if its going to be warm.... we're lucky that we have 18 chicks, as this makes it easier and quicker to get them off heat. 

We might let them "free range" (that is, run around outside the Cube in a limited area) later today.

I took a couple of pics yesterday...

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