Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Rekindling my interest

I've had a Kindle for a couple of years now. I'm a technophile and love technology. 

When I first got it, I downloaded some free books, and used it occasionally.  Every time I wanted to buy a book, I found that it was more expensive to buy the Kindle version, and I just couldn't bring myself to waste my money that way.  I understand that e-books are subject to VAT,  but even so, they are a bit overpriced compared to their paperback counterparts.  I'd buy loads if they were cheaper.

The other thing that stopped me buying books for it, was that  for some of the books I wanted, I already had the rest of the collection (all Terry Pratchetts,  all Jasper Ffordes,  all  Malcolm Pryce) on my bookshelves, and I couldn't imagine not having the rest of the respective collections on my bookshelf with them.

DH has another e-reader, not a Kindle,  and he's very happy with his. It still didn't inspire me to use mine.

Last year, after Game of Thrones finished, I decided I liked it enough to try reading the next book in the series.  The books are quite large, and I decided I'd buy it for my Kindle.  It sat, unread, on my Kindle for months.  I kept meaning to read it, I just couldn't get started. I wasn't really in a reading mood anyway, I had a couple of paperbacks to read and I couldn't be bothered to get started on those either.

Then the second season of Game of Thrones  was due to start on TV, so I decided to try reading the book beforehand.   I was hooked on the story.

I raced through the second book; I downloaded the third book (actually 2 volumes) and raced through that;  then the fourth book, which I took on holiday along with the fifth book (again 2 volumes).  I was pleased to have them on my Kindle because (a) I didn't have to wait for them to arrive,  (b) I didn't have to fill up my luggage with books, (c) I didn't have to hold them, and (d) my Kindle was very easy to carry around, and (e) I could read it while I was on the treadmill when we got back.

I've now finished the series. The next volume isn't due to be released until 2013, with the final volume not due until 2015. 

As I picked up one of the not-yet-read paperbacks to try and fill the gap,  I found I really missed my Kindle. I'm really surprised!

I'm even more surprised that I'm thinking of buying additional books for it, even though they are more expensive.  And even though it means I won't have complete colletions on my bookshelf.

I've still got a couple of paperbacks to finish before I buy any more.... and I guess I'll see how I feel then.  But I am finding that each time I pick up the current paperback, I'm seriously thinking about buying a Kindle copy of it  and putting the paperback away on the bookshelf.  I know it's only a matter of a few pounds, but I normally don't waste money in this way (I choose to waste it in other ways). 

I'm not at all suggesting that the Kindle is the best e-reader.  I strongly suspect that the one my DH has is much better.  Despite being a technophile, I just didn't really expect to be an e-reader fan at all.

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  1. Well, I don't have a kindle. I got the one for PC and I love not having to hold a book to tead it.