Saturday, 5 May 2012

Leaky Shed?

Yesterday I raked up the Aubiose in the run, ready to disinfect with Stalosan (powder disinfectant).  Then, I emptied and cleaned the poo trays,  transferred the clean nesting box material to the poo trays,  put the rest in the compost,  and then went to the shed to get fresh stuff.

I needed to open a new bale.  When I opened it, I could see that part of it was sodden.  Botheration.

I moved the accumulation of stuff out of the way (stalosan, tins of grit, buckets of something else, collapsible dog crate,  chimney brushes,  small roll of chicken fencing...) so that I could take a look.  I moved the bag of Aubiose and found some newspaper underneath, completely sodden.

I was tempted to curse, but there wasn't much point and it's easy enough to turn these things into positives.  Instead, I found an empty Aubiose sack, and started to move the dry Aubiose into it.  I think I saved about half.

I couldn't see any obvious signs of water ingress.  Maybe it had been in the Aubiose already?  But that would have to be a lot of water, as the newspaper that had been underneath (quite by chance) was sodden. The floor was sodden, but in a bale-end shaped square.

It's possible that the front of the shed at floor level, just at that point, had water ingress.  We've had lots of torrential rain, it could perhaps have bounced in from the paving outside?       No idea.  I've had to clear the area and leave it open to dry, and I'll see what happens next time it rains heavily.

If it is a leak, then it's a good job the Aubiose was exactly there. It soaked up the leak and stopped the other boxes etc getting water damaged.  (That reminds me, I'd better pick up the Stalosan and put it on a shelf,  that would be an expensive thing to lose to damp).

And if it was water in the Aubiose already, then that would be good as it means we don't have a leaky shed.

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