Tuesday, 15 May 2012

I forget

Both DH and I are getting a bit forgetful.

It started with the standard going-upstairs-and-then-forgetting-why;  it continued with being easily distracted. For example, going online to look something up, then forgetting that there was even a reason for going on line.

I had arranged for someone to come round to quote for paving over our front lawn, and the chap was coming today.  This morning, DH announced that if we were getting a porch, we should do it before we get the front paving done.    

DH's suggestion was eminently sensible... but I wasn't sure whether the "porch" idea had come from, so I asked him.    Slightly cross, he said about a conversation we had (supposedly) had 2 weeks ago.  I did not remember a discussion.   Very exasperated now,  he told me that we had discussed having a porch.  We'd talked about somewhere to hang wet coats in winter.

None of this rang a bell. Not even a distant bell.  I think DH had one of those mundane dreams which are so uneventful that they disappear into the back of the mind and become a "memory".  I remember we were shopping in Waitrose once, about 20 years ago now, and we reached the cereals.  DH went to get some cereals and I said that we had bought them yesterday.  Then I realised that we hadn't been shopping yesterday,  but I had had a very vivid (and boring) dream the night before which had involved us shopping in Waitrose. 

I told him this - and reminded him about the Waitrose dream - and he wasn't convinced. Or amused.

I remember years ago talking about a porch, before we had the driveway done.  We also talked about a car port.  I talked about a car port again last September when I got my new (to me) car.   I remember talking about a garage/workshop, in the back garden,  last summer.  But I don't remember a recent conversation about a porch. At all.

So. He thinks we had a conversation and I've forgotten (or I am being awkward and am pretending to have forgotten).  I'm confident that he's dreamt it, or has been speaking to someone else about porches and thinks it was me.

Both of us think we're right.

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