Monday, 11 May 2009

What the cluck?

It started at 3.30 a.m. Not the chickens - one of the Cats.

I was woken by a plaintive mewing from outside. I leapt up and peered out of the window, but it was pitch black and I couldn't see anything. I pulled on my dressing gown and staggered downstairs, and I couldn't find the back door key.

We have a place for the back door key, which isn't in the back door lock. It wasn't there. DH joined me, and found the key by the breadmaker, and we were finally able to open the door. Washburn raced in. Couldn't see anything wrong, so we went back to bed.

5 minutes later, the cats started a fight on the landing. It wasn't the normal "chase me" fight, it was full on. Seconds later we had a growling cat under the bed, and a hissing spitting cat in the doorway. Light on, out of bed. I took the underbed cat, DH took the doorway cat. No sign of anything. Back to bed.

5am, Jasmine started crowing. Then Lily joined in. Ran downstairs, out into the garden, told them to shut up. Checked the nestbox, no eggs at all? Jasmine would NOT shut up.
Came in the house to find DH in the kitchen; he was Very Unhappy. Jasmine was still going on, so I went and got her and put her on the kitchen floor. She would NOT shut up.

Then we opened the window and could hear Lily whingeing as well. Not like her. So I scooped up Jasmine, who had thoughtfully left a little present, and put her back in the Run.

So what was it about? No idea. We did a tour looking for evidence of foxes or anything, but couldn't find anything.

Jasmine is on her last warning now.

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