Sunday, 3 May 2009

Friday, Padstow

Excellent timing! Friday May 1st, Obby Oss day in Padstow. Couldn't miss that.

Hadn't realised that most of the restaurants would be closed and that the open eateries would be serving very fast food, but never mind.

Parked in the well organised Park & Ride (P&R), and got the bus into town. Walked down the hill, and found the Blue (Peace) Oss making it's one and only appearance at the Custom House. Excellent! Followed it for a while, and then decided to get a cup of tea. (Un?)Fortunately, we ran into the Red (Original) Oss, and had to wait for that procession to pass before we could continue.

Managed to find somewhere to get a freshly made bacon roll, and the heavens opened just as we left. Decided to head for Falmouth, and got the P&R back to the car. Very easy.

Maritime Museum was very interesting, very well done.

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