Thursday, 14 May 2009


The Girls do not like pigeons. Actually, it's stronger than that.

They don't mind pigeons flying overhead - as long as they aren't too low, and don't stop. What they get agitated about is pigeons landing in any of the trees within sight/sound of the Girls. WHen this happens, the Girls get a little bit vocal.

When a pigeon - or pigeons - land in one of the trees in or next to the Girls run, the Girls go beserk.

When two pigeons land in one of those trees as part of their mating ritual, all hell breaks loose.

There had been a bit of squwarking going on today. Jasmine, of course. (I thought about seeing if our local rare breed petting farm might take her, but I couldn't face the thought of her being introduced to a lot of other birds. If she's rehomed it'll have to be to a back garden flock, or to someone who is intriducing other birds at the same time. Anyway, I digress).

I was frothing milk for coffee when there was teh most awful cacophony, and a lot of wing flapping. I dropped the milk and ran outside, thinking it was a fox. The Girls continued to screech, and all five of them were looking in the same direction, necks stretched to breaking point. I couldn't find anything, so I crossly told them to shut up, and turned round to walk back, Then the wing flapping got really loud, and I turned around expecting to see one of my Girls flying or something.

Instead, I saw the pigeons in the tree, mating. :rollseyes: (I must find the rolls eyes image).

The Girls were running around squwarking again, headless chickens.

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