Saturday, 9 May 2009


I hardly ever buy biscuits. I'm not really a biscuit-y person, but I do find an open pack of biccies irresistable if I'm not feeling 100%. I make them, but only rarely, as home made biccies disappear too easily.

In Cornwall last week, the cottage owner left us a packet of Cornish Fairings, made by Furniss. It would have been rude to leave them, so I opened the packet....and they were absolutely wonderful. I bought a second packet later in the week and scoffed those as well.

I brough home a wide range of their biccies: Cornish Fairings, COrnish Gingerbread; Apple & Cinnamon; and some shortbread. I made up a hamper as a "thank you" to my next door neighbour for looking after the chooks, and I put a selection of the boxes in.

I kept a packet of Apple & Cinnamon, a packet of the Fairings, and two packets of the GIngerbread. The A&C weren't great. The flavour was lovely, but the texture was horrible; I even had to check the sell by date in case they were old stock. They weren't.

I ate the Fairings.

And then, tackling a work problem and needing to give myself a boost I resorted to trying the Gingerbread. I didn't have high expectations after the A&C... but they were wonderful. I mean, really, really good. I've now eaten the last biscuit out of the last packet (there were 3 of them), and I'd like to get some more.

I've found a couple of online suppliers. One is a cornish hamper company, who sells the biscuits at a reasonable price - but charges £15 for delivery (I think the food comes in a seagrass hamper); and another one which charges a more achievable £5, but has a very limited range. It would mean I'd have to buy twin packs, with one of the twins being shortbread. I don't mind shortbread, but I prefer to make my own if I'm going to have any at all.

Maybe it's for the best.

Oh, they do have recipes for their biccies on line, so I might try making some first.

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