Sunday, 3 May 2009

Thursday. Goonhilly.

So, Thursday dawned, and we were off to Goonhilly - to Futureworld.

We had a great tour around Arthur, the world's original Earth Satellite Dish, the design on which All Others Are Based. Sadly, he's been decommisioned now, but he's a grade 2 listed structure and he has to be kept in full working order. Many of the later satellite dishes (with similar Arthurian names) have been completely dismantled as BT has decided to move operations to Herefordshire.

Lots to see and do inside as well and, best of all, we had a turn on the Segways. We were really lucky that it was just my DH and I on our Segway tour, so we were able to learn to use them really quickly, and then we had a whizz on the Goonhilly site roads. The weather was too rubbish for us to be able to have a go at the second level assuault course, but it was fab nonethless.

Absolutely brilliant fun, and I'd love to have one if I could get one ata fraction of the £5k pricetag!

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