Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Weighing in (upd 10Sep)

We're only weighing Milly at the moment. She's still very small compared to the others, and she gets picked on the most.

Milly was 20 weeks old on Fri 29 Aug
Wed 10th Sept: Milly 1260g (+150g, =15%); Jasmine 1365g
Wed 3rd Sept: Milly 1106g (+100g, =10%)
Wed 27 Aug: Milly 1006g (+52g, =5%)

I'll have to weigh Jasmine at some point, just so I can compare the two of them. Maybe next week.

Previous weigh-ins:
Tue 22 July: Milly 559g; Jasmine 810g
Tue 29 July: Milly 620g (+61g=+11% on prev week); Jasmine 892g (+82g =10%)
Tue 05 Aug: Milly 715g (+95g=+15% on prev week); Jasmine 987g (+95g = 11%)
Tue 12 Aug: Milly 825g (+110g=+15%); Jasmine 1084g (+97g = 10%)
Tue 19 Aug: Milly 954g (+129g=+16%);Jasmine 1145g* (+61g=+6%)

Note: Milly was 18.5 and Jasmine 19.5 weeks old on the 19th August

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