Tuesday, 9 September 2008

At last!

After the Littlees had put themselves to bed in the Cube last night, we had a bit of a soap opera from the Bigees. They went to bed, then came down bokking furiously, Then they went up, and then they came down and went out into the garden.

Then Milly came down, Then the Bigees started bokking at her. She went back up the ladder. The Bigees tried again.

Eventually, everyone was in bed.

This morning, I found poo in the nest box, so at least one of the Littlees decided to sleep there. I don't mind that, I can try and persuade them out of it later. The great news is that we can remove the Eglu from the run.

So in the pouring rain this morning, that's what I did. It's sitting on my terrace at the moment, waiting to be pressure washed.

The Run needs rearranging now to make better use of the space, but I've decided to make one change at a time, and removing the Eglu was today's change. I did rake up the Ausbiose, put down some Stalosan, and put the Aubiose back down, but that's really housekeeping rather than a major change. I hope.

Delilah still being horrible to the LIttlees, but she hasn't been pecking them (that I have seen), so that's progress too. Right?

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