Saturday, 6 September 2008

Tonight's the Night?

We've planned for Tonight to be The Night we put the Girls together. I'm nervous.

We've been out all day. I left the Girls shut in their respective halves of the Run. As well as a full Grub of pellets, lenty of grit and oyster shell, and water, each half had a whole iceberg lettuce, half a white cabbage, two corn cobs, and a bowl of pellet porridge fortified with yoghurt and Poultry Spice.

We got home at about 6.30, to find Jasmine was in with the Bigees.

We let them out for a bit of a range, and while they did so we took down one row of the dividing fencing, in anticipation of tonight. The idea is that if it goes wrong and the Littlees need to get away, the middle fence will be low enough for them to get over relatively easily, whilst being a bit big for the Bigees (who are much heavier) to manage.

I went out at 7.30 to find they had all put themselves to bed, and in the correct places. Jasmine's sojourn with the Bigees was presumably a bit of an accident then.

Anyway, it's dark dark dark now. In about 15 mins we'll go and transfer the Littlees into the Bigees bedroom for the night.

Fingers crossed.

Well, we've done The Deed. They are all in together.

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