Friday, 12 September 2008

Oven-ready chicken

Scarlett has had a scatty botty for a few days, but it's been too cold to risk bathing her. This morning the weather forecast was reasonable, so I filled my sink with lukewarm water, and went to collect her. Scarlett seems to quite like being bathed, and she is quite happy to stand and be hairdryed, so I wasn't expecting any problems.

As I washed her bottom, I found a big bald patch underneath a chickeny equivalent to a combover. When I got her out of the bath and investgated further, I found she was "oven ready" in many places.

Poor little love.


  1. Poor little Scarlett!

    I hope she enjoyed her bath? Mine hate it and I have a job keeping them in the tub trug if they ever need a hose down!

    C x

  2. Thanks C, yes she loves her bath... I fill a sink with warm water (it has to be quite deep to get to the bits that need bathing) and she seems to find the warmth quite soothing. She also ishappy to be blow dried, which really did surprise me.