Saturday, 2 February 2008

New gates

We had to put new gates up this week, tall ones so the chooks won't be able to get over them. We bought three gates wooden gates in B&Q. DH dug out the old posts and cemented in new ones, and then set about attaching hinges to the new gates. That's when we noticed that the gates didn't match - we had two matching, and one odd.

Same manufacturer, same model, same bar code, slightly different gates. Our local B&Q didn't have any more (sounds familiar), so we decided to try one a little further afield. Before we went I checked the manufacturer's website, to see which design was the current one. Neither. They now have another design, same model. How frustrating!

"Fortunately", the other B&Q had all three designs in stock. We then took the odd one back to our local B&Q, and they weren't interested in why we'd taken it back.

The new gates look lovely though. Very happy with them.

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