Thursday, 28 February 2008

Tears before bedtime

At 5.30 pm Scarlett, the boss, decided it was bedtime.

She marched up the ladder, through the pop hole and into the coop. She then sat there making clucking noises for some minutes, presumaby waiting for the others to join her. They didn't.

Scarlett popped her head ot and clucked a lot, and pulled her head in. Scarlett came down the ladder, walked round, then went back up to bed. Still nothing.

Delilah, the Bluebelle that was new that day, decided to go to bed as well. Scarlett wouldn't let her in. It seems that the order (for last night) had to be Scarlett, Lydia, Delilah. Except Lydia wasn't interested in going to bed.

The shenaningans went on, and on and on. Lydia did actually jump on to the ladder, but then decided to get off. Poor Delilah tried again to ogo to bed, but was rebuffed. She started to cluck in a very sorrowful way, and then started jumping on the perches in the run. This told us that she was trying to find somewhere to roost for the night, so intervention was necessary.

I put a torch through the eggport so that the ligh was shining out from the pop hole. It dazzled poor Scarlett who was tucked up ready for the night, but it had the desired effect: Lydia came straight up the ladder and put half of herslef in the coop. Delilah came scooting up behind, but couldn't get in because Lydia was still occupying the entrance, so I had to put my hand in scoot her in to make way.

All seemed OK this morning, and today they came out as soon as I opened the pop hole. Lydia has been sleeping in the nest box. I know they aren't supposed to do this, but I can't see the harm (apart from the needing to poo pick in the morning). I asked on the Omlet forum, and was reasssured that it's not a major problem.

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