Tuesday, 26 February 2008

2 out of 3 ain't bad...

Well, two of the girls are here. We picked them up from Wernlas this morning, and they are absolutely gorgeous. The Naked Neck is more beautiful than I could have imagined!

We went on to collect our Bluebelle from another supplier, but there was a mixup and the lady wasn't there. Then to compound the problem, I had the wrong mobile number for her. We waited 15 mins, and then decided it wasn't fair on the Girls, as they'd already had an hour journey and had another two hours to look forward to.

Anyway, got them home and popped them in the Coop for half an hour and left them to settle. The cats went bananas, trying to get in the Coop. After half an hour, we opened the pop hole to let the Girls explore their new home. The Girls had other ideas. After a while, we tried to shoo them out, but this was harder than we expected. Eventually Lydia descended the ladder, and Scarlett decided she didn't want to be left behind.

Washburn (the cat) has climbed all over the Run looking for a way in. Izzy has been sitting beside the run, mesmerised. As soon as the Girls are able to free range they'll peck the cats and that should be an end to it. In the meantime I swing from finding the cats antics quite amusing (the Girls are only slightly bothered by it), and getting cross with them.

It has shown us how a fox is likely to approach this, so we've put our Foxwatch out there and on, to protect the back of the Coop.

The Girls have been pecking all over the floor, but haven't found the feeders yet. I've physically shown them, but it just hasn't registered. If they don't find them soon, I'll have to get a ground feeder, but I prefer the Omlet ones as they are (a) more weatherproof, and (b) seem marginally more rodent proof.

I'll post some pics probably tomorrow, when I get back from collecting the Bluebelle.

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