Thursday, 1 November 2007

7. DH gets involved

So, several months on, we were in September and still apparent apathy from my DH.

By mid September, after much reading and research, I decided I'd really like to have a walk in run for the Girls, with the Cube on the outside. I had some ideas for how I thought it might look, and I had investigated lots of commercially made runs. These were all significant amounts of money, and always "not quite" right. What I really wanted was for my DH, who is brilliant at DIY, to make one for me. But, given his apathy to the whole project, this didn't seem likely.

In the end I mentioned to him that I was thinking of having a big run rather than just the extended Cube run, and I explained why. We looked at lots of pictures of the commercial ones, and also lots of pics of the runs that other hen keepers had made. I asked if he would make one, and he was very happy to!

So, we've been discussing designs, needs, etc. The people on the Omlet Club who had built their own runs were very helpful, as they gave lots of hints and tips. We finally got to the stage where we needed another detailed look at the Cube to see how we would fit it all together, so I arranged to go and visit Omlet.

And that takes me back to my first blog. "We've ordered a Cube".

On Saturday this week I'm going to Wernlas again, plus possibly a couple of other hen places, to see if I can make a final decision about the chooks. I'd like a Buff Sussex, some sort of hybrid (possibly a Bluebelle as they are very pretty), and.... maybe the Naked Neck. That's the reason for the visit to Wernlas, they are the only place I know that breeds Naked Necks.

I'm childishly excited!


  1. Congratulations on your new run!!
    You have to get naked necks, they are freakishly fascinating! The strangest chicken i have ever seen!!
    All the best with your new girls!

    C x

  2. Thanks CC.

    When I first saw them I thought they were hideous things, but they really have been growing on me. Thanks for the encouragement - I'll make a decision on Saturday.