Saturday, 24 November 2007

Work's started...

My DH knows me quite well, so he's designing the chicken run in such a way that we can rearrange it later. I'm sure that after a couple of weeks in use, we'll be finding that "this would be better here" and "that would be better there".

So, he's decided to use the Shed principle, and is going to build individual panels, which he will then put together to form the Run in the agreed orientation/shape. It will therefore be possible to dismantle (all or part of) said run, should we wish to relocate it, or change its shape, or change where the Chicken Coop connects into it etc.

The other day he came home with a load of paving from Wickes, as we're having the Run sited on paving so that Mr Fox can't dig under it, and also to provide a buffer between the Run and the garden. Part of this is now laid out in the garden, but I'm not allowed to post a photo, as they are just there so we can guage and check sizes, they aren't level or anything.

Then he came home with wood from B&Q, enough to create 2x2metre panels to test out the design, plus some spare. We've gone for 44mm square posts, which are pre treated - so we don't have to do it, and are planed to give a more pleasant finish. Planed posts are more expensive than the sawn posts, but the difference is relatively small given the overall cost of all the materials.

The Run shape will be a bit like a greenhouse (or small apex roofed shed). To try and avoid it dominating the garden (well, any more than it has to!), we're building it with 5 foot high sides and an apex roof. This led to a discussion about the door.

Originally it was going to be the same height as the panels, so it could be sited anywhere around the run (excellent planning, DH!) . Trouble is, being only 5 foot high, it means we would have to duck under the "lintel" (sorry, dont know what its called in a shed) to get in each time. I am renowned for my clumsiness, and I could see what would happen.

We're now planning to build it into the apex of one of the end panels. This would mean we could site it at either end, but that would be all the flexibility we would have. I think that's the way we'll go... but I don't have to decide until the end panels get built.

Yesterday, he created the first panel. It looks wonderful, and it's really strong.

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