Thursday, 1 November 2007

Tubtrugs to match Eglu & Cube

I'm easily pleased.

Today I discovered that TubTrugs come in colours which conveniently match the Eglu and Cube.

I already have a bit of a Trug habit, and find it hard NOT to put one in my basket when I visit a particular garden centre. We have lots of them now and we never seem to have enough. Although we have a range of colours (red, purple, blue, green and yellow), we don't have orange.

I learned today (on the Omlet forum, again!) that it's possible to buy shallow Tubtrugs, and one of these will make a perfect dustbath for the chickens! The colour range of these shallow Tubtrugs is limited, and sadly Orange isn't one of them. I emailed the company to ask if there were any plans to introduce shallow Orange and I received a reply the same day - so well done to them on the customer service front.

No plans to introduce a large shallow orange, but a smaller shallow orange will be available early next year. yippee! I can get a whole set of Orange TubTrugs just for my chook related activities.

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