Monday, 26 November 2007

Out of stock.

The frames for two panels are now complete, only four more to go. We went back to B&Q yesterday, but they had run out of wood.

Today we tried Reading B&Q. None. At home, I phoned around a few, and glot very frustrated with being told it wasn't possible to get treated and planed wood. I quoted the bar code each time, but it turns out it's only stocked at a limited number of B&Qs.

I used their web stock checker to try all B&Qs in a 100 mile radius. Those that "ranged" it (=stock it), are all out of stock. Except my local one, which shows as being "in stock". Which it isn't.

Apparently they get deliveries all the time, but no one knows what's going to be on the lorry. Must be kind of exciting for the Warehouse, a bit like Christmas. Opening that lorry door and not knowing what's going to be inside. "Phone on Wednesday" was the only advice available.

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