Sunday 18 February 2024

Throwing in the towel

The overlocker is still on the big table in the kitchen,  and so I decided to do something to repurpose a towel. 

Not very exciting, perhaps,  but I'm quite happy.   

I made a small pile of flannels, all the same size.  I made a couple of washing mits, with twill in the corner so they can be hung up,  and a few finger things (with hangers) which are designed to make it easier for us to clean the cats eyes.   I've still got plenty of towel left over, but my back was starting to ache.

The 6mm cotton twill, which  I've been using to make the hanging loops,  is a bit wide at 6mm.   I've placed an order for some other stuff which is 2mm and 3mm wide.  I was restrained, and only ordered 10 metres of each sort.  I'll buy a full roll of whichever ones turn out to be the right type.

 It's the first time I've used a good towel to make things, usually I use an old towel.  This was much more satisfying. 

I was also pleased to find that the finger things also work really, really well for cleaning the seal on the washing machine.   I wipe it every time I unload the machine,  and up to now I've been using kitchen towel.    I think I'll make some more finger things for this specific purpose, and this time I will use an old towel rather than a good one.

If I can find any old towels in the cupboard. 

I've just remembered,  I vacuum packed a load (along with loads of old sheets and duvet covers) and sent them to Monkey World!  I'm not sure I've got any left!

I expect I'll find something.