Sunday 11 February 2024

Stacking up

Clever DH made me some stackers for the mini Le Creuset casseroles. 

I bought a set of these on a whim, when I saw them on FB marketplace.  When I got them, I thought they were quite cute, but I couldn't imagine what I'd do with them - certainly not 7 of them. 

They turned out to be one of those serendipitous purchases.  They are fantastic in the airfryer for heating  and then serving meals.  I found I could fit loads of them in the Versazone, which was particularly great when I was doing home made curries. It meant I could put main course, sides, and all sorts in at once, andthen just serve up in the dishes.

They don't stack well in the cupboard. Originally I was storing them with the lids inverted, and then stacking them on top of each other.  It was OK until I went to get one, and another one slid onto the flor and smashed.   I bought a preloved replacement, and that broke immediatelty.   I started stacking them without the lids, and I put the lids in a cardboard box.   That was better, but I could only stack them 2 high to avoid catastrophes.

Meanwhile, i found I wanted a variety of colours.  Not (just) because I wanted a variety of colours,  but I thought a variety would be helpful when using a lot at once. One colour for the main course,  and a different colour each for the various sides.    I searched for ages on FB narketplace, but some the ones that were inexpensive people woudnt post,  and the ones that were expensive were too expeinsive once pst was added.  

By accident, I happened upon the Le Crfeuset website on the last day of their sale, and I bouight a set of 4 different colour ones, for about te same as I would have been paying preloved.  The new nes are particularly lovely, and I was worried about breaking them.

I had some ideas for putting them in a kind of mug stand, but I couldn't find one that was the right size AND would work with the two handles.  Then I had a look for 3D printed ideas, and found a chap who had had exactly this problem.  He'd made something which seemed like a good idea, had got feedback, and then had made something completely different.

I showed DH and asked if he would be able to print these for me.   I wanted something which would let me stack variable numbers, and which wouldn't get in the way if it wasn't being used.

He was happy to, but wanted to do his own design (building on the shape that chap had used).   He made one, which took forever to print), and then he refined the design further and printed another one. The revised design "only" took 3 hours to print.  

I'm really happy with the design, and DH is going to print more. Pic shows both v1 and v2. V2 is upside down in the pic,  you can still see that the band is much narrower, and it is shorter, which is why it takes less time to print.