Tuesday 27 February 2024


Last week, I decided that this week I would do a few embroidery projects.

I'd started to keep a notebook of  things I wanted to make (both sewing and embroidery) so that I could try and keep motivated.  It's worked quite well for sewing.

I had a few things to sort out yesterday (Monday), so I set aside today to Make Something.  It was even better that DH was going to be out, as that would give me a clear run.

It's now 3.45 pm and I have done nothing but procrastinate.  Even now, writing this blog entry, I'm procrastinating.

Earlier today, when I realised what I was doing,  I thought seriously about calling it a day.    I don't want to rush in to selling my machine,  in case it's a temporary aberration.     The thought had crossed my mind before, but I'd dismissed it.  

Now I'm thinking it might be the right thing to do.   It would free up a lot of space.  It's not just the machine,  it's the threads, the stabilisers, the peripheral stuff.

I will try again later this week to do something.     If I get started, I might get re-enthused. I just need to get my motivation sorted.