Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Spoke too soon

I was feeling very pleased with myself after sticking to my creative goals in January.

So how come it's now 6th February, and I have done NOTHING?  Not even for my best friend's birthday!

I've really not been in a creative frame of mind.

I've spent a lot  of time= looking at downloadable patterns, which I don't need as I have ny Surefit Designs body blueprint and I can use that.  And I can use thechildrens kit for Small Person.

A while ago I bought some patterns which I planned to get printed on A0.  I've done this before, it's fab.  I wanted to get them printed,.  The main cost of printing is postage, which is the same whether I have 1xA0 pattern piece of 20 A0 pattern pieces.  I decided to finally buy those one or two that I keep looking at -  they were children's ones, which included options for raglan sleeves,  hoodies, cowls and all sorts,  so it was a reasonable purchase.  Smnall Person is here next week and I want to try making her some tops,  which will help me learn how to do these techniques.   

It snowballed a bit.

I'm embarrassed and a little ashamed.

I know it's a distraction thing.  No time to sew because I've been looking at these patterns.  I've been  rigorous in my evaluation (mostly).     

It's done now.  I'm not buying any more, and I'm going to send these off tomorrow. I'd send them off now, but one of the designs where I was expecting an A0 pattern didn't come with one.  I've contacted the designer, but I guess it might take her a little while to get back to me.

On the plus side,   Small Person surprised me by saying she wanted to try sewing next week.    I'm thining a tote bag or a pencil case to get her started.

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