Thursday, 8 February 2018

Does this count?

Last night I decided I would DEFINITELY do something creative today.
I bought the last of the patterns I wanted to get printed,  organised them into a flder ready to upload, and noticed that one was missing.  I contacted the designer, using their web contact form,  immediately.

This morning, I hadn't had a response, so I emailed them.  They are a US company so should have had time to look at my query yesterday.   If I don't get this sent off soon, I won't get the printed patterns back in time to sew a top for Small Person at the beginning of next week

It was distracting me from my planned task.  I printed out the instructions for several of my existing patterns, including the two I was dithering between making.  I recognised the instructions for one of them, I've obviously printed them before.  So,  I decided to bind the instructions into a booklet and, of course,  I had to print the instructions for the other patterns i've already got so that they could go in as well.

I moved to clear the cutting table, still undecided about which pattern to make.  One of the items to be cleared was a book about sewing jersey with a sewing machine (a birthday present for my sewing grand-daughter, who is coming at the end of next week to learn to make leggings.  It reminded me that I had meant to order some ballpoint needles for her sewing machine,   so I went and ordered those before I forgot again.

And then while I was in Ebay,  I saw those aluminium flat pieces that I'd toyed with getting to help me mark and press long seams.    I thought about the duvet cover upstairs and decided that today I'd order them.  When I had several of varying widths in my basket, free postage,  I realised that I'd get them cheaper if I went direct.  So I did.

So I've been doing stuff which will enable me to be creative.

Does that count?

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