Thursday, 1 February 2018


I've managed to complete January and I've done something creative (or related) almost every day.  Of course my definition of "something creative" is a bit elastic: I've included butter making, pork butchery,  fiddling around with the embroidery machine.... but I'm happy enough.

My last make for January was another card

I had several attempts at this.  The first one used a Westie-dog fabric, which had the Westies so far apart I had to cut and stitch them together first (and I didn't like the result).

The clamp frame works really well,  but the design of it means the amount of  embroidery space is really limited.  I had originally added a built-in thin border around the design (the better borders were too big to fit) but it started to unravel after I'd removed everything from the embroidery frame, and I had to unpick it all.

I quite like the "linen" fabric look - it makes a change from my usual felt - but it really does fray! Next time I'll have to shrink the design more and use a bugger, solid,  border and trim to that.

All good learning.

For February I'm going to try and do some clothes related sewing rather than embroidery machine stuff.  I'm not sure I'll manage something creative almost every day.... but we'll see.

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