Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Sew Pleased!

Half term week.

We looked after Small Person for 3 days.  She spent one and a half days playing on my starter sewing machine, with mixed success.  She did well at sewing fairly straight lines (at least as well as I would do, without my trusty guide foot).     She did well at turning corners, with practice.     She did well at inventing stitched together bits and pieces,  but couldn't grasp the need to sew right sides together and then turn out.  Maybe next time.

She's a bit of a butterfly, so I was surprised (and impressed) that she stuck at it for such a long time.   I'll be interested to see if she wants to do more another time.

We had a day on our own, which we mostly spent faffing about.  Then the Twins arrived.  Their parents left them here for the afternoon and went off on a long walk (much longer than they meant to). 
Twin S spent the afternoon with her grandfather, learning how to use a 3D printer (she printed a cat shaped phone stand), and then how to build a motor from scratch. 
Twin G spent the afternoon with me,  learning how to work with stretch fabric and, specifically, how to make leggings.   She had brought her sewing machine from home, and made two pairs of leggings.  She wore one of the pairs out to dinner.
Saturday morning,  Twin S and Granddad finished building the motor,  and Twin G used the cardboard template we made to cut out fabric for 2 more pairs of leggings to make when she got home.

That makes up for my lack of creative makes for the  month so far, I think.

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