Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Moving on

The 4 dinner chicks moved to the allotment today.

We'd moved them off our main "lawn" area so we could rake it and water it,  and for the last couple of days they've been in another part of the garden.   This area wasn't ideal - it was too close to the Big Girls, and much smaller than the lawn bit they were used to. 

The Big Girls have been even more cranky than usual since the babies moved closer.  The 3 girls from last years hatch have started sleeping in the second Cube, not through their own choice.  Even Gloria,top chook,  was being a bit pecky -  and that's most unlike her.

 Today was the day we'd marked for their move.

It went well, and their area at the allotment is HUGE. It's been rested for  about 8 months, and was re-seeded with a special chicken friendly grass mix earlier in the spring.

They've got a mixture of grass, long grass, and areas to rook around in.  Some of it is in sun, some of it is under the shade of trees.  It really is a lovely setup for them.   They were busy exploring when we left, and we'll be going back down this evening to make sure they've managed to find their way to their coop to sleep.

The lawn looked better after being scarified and watered - we used water from the water butts to give it a good soaking.

We've now removed all traces of the chicks.  All the equipment has been removed, cleaned and stored. It's as if the babies were never here.

Hopefully the Big Girls will settle down again.

Until next year.

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