Wednesday, 24 August 2016

A noteworthy event

I'm wearing a skirt.

Wit hthe exception of wearing a dress to my DSD's wedding,  I haven't worn anything but trousers since...well.. I don't know how long.  More than 20 years, maybe 25 years.

And not only that, it's a skirt I made myself!!

It's a maxi skirt, with a yoga waistband.  I made the yoga waistband a bit too deep and a bit too loose, but it's hidden under my tee shirt.  I didn't quite get the gathering even, but again, it's hidden. I put the slit on the opposite side to the way convention dictates, to hide my puffiest leg.   

I'm going to make another one, asap.  ASAP won't be until Sunday or Monday, as I've got commitments for the next 3 days.

I might, might, try and make a top to match the skirt, so it will almost look like a dress.  I might. But I'll make another skirt first.

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