Friday, 19 August 2016

Expanding foam

When we first finished converting part of the spare room guest bedroom (my DIL uses that phrase, and it sounds so much more pleasant than "spare" room) into a sewing area, I had SO MUCH space I didn't think I'd ever fill it.   Lots of Ikea Kallax storage,   a fitted wardrobe,  units under the desk...

My grandson is coming to stay for a few days, followed by his mum and sibings for one night, followed by other son, partner and two children for one night.

I've been trying to tidy the sewing area so that it looks more like a Gues Bedroom with a sewing table, rather than a sewing room with a bed in.

I've also been making a maxi skirt.  My first skirt.  The first skirt I will have worn in.....25 or so years . (I did wear a dress to my step daughter's wedding. But that's all. The rest of my life has been trousered.).   It's a bit of a Big Thing.

I saw online about yoga waistbands, and I decided that would probably be a good idea.  However, I didn't have any suitable stretchy fabric (I said suitable stretchy fabric), so I decided I'd go ahead and make a traditional elasticated waistband. It would all be good practice.

It was good practice.  But by golly, I wish I'd gone for the yoga waistband instead.

Today, I finally completed an Ebay checkout for a basket of suitable fabric. It's been in my basket for several weeks actually,  since I first thought about a yoga wasitband (I was thinking about trousers then).  There was just too much choice of suitable fabric, and it was all getting a bit ridiculous.

So I went through my basket.  I ended up buying more.  More colours (thinking of the fabric I've bought and will of course be making into skirts, trousers and shorts),  and more of each colour, as I realised that I'll need about 15 inches depth per waistband.   Besides, I was already at the maximum postage, so any extra was really just the cost of the fabric. Fabrics.

It's all ordered now.   I have no idea where I am going to put it.  When I started with the sewing room idea, I hadn't anticipated that I would be trying to sew clothes; and so I hadn't thought about all the ..stuff that I'd be needing.    Honestly, it's like expanding foam.

I need to have a bit of a rearrange.  I suspect I'm going to end up with storage boxes stuffed behind the draws under the desk.

Still. It'll keep the dust off the floor.

I might make a second skirt out of a more challenging fabric, just to see what happens. Then when the suitable fabric arrives, I can do two waistbands at once.

Yes, sounds like a plan.

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