Saturday, 13 August 2016


My fabric-for-clothes shopping of the last week or so has been coming home to roost over the last couple of days.

It's quite difficult buying fabric online. Well, it is when I don't really know the difference between "cotton", "quilting cotton", "cotton poplin";  and I'm letting viscose into my house for the first time, "cotton feel viscose", "powdered viscose", some chiffon (that was an accident, what on earth am I going to make with chiffon.  Every time I think of chiffon, I think of an old Immac advert).

I'm washing everything, so that it will be ready when inspiration strikes.  Because of ther risk of colour runs, I am washing eacb 3m piece individually, on a quick wash.  I've got 7 x 3m pieces hanging on the line (it looks fab out there),  2 off the line waiting to be folded and pressed, and several still to go.

The "cotton feel" viscose feels OK, but I doubt it's breathable, despite what the blurb said.  The powder touch viscose....well, I could feel my armpits prickling the moment I picked it up. It drapes beautifully, but I can't see it working for me.  Maybe as a sleeveless dress or something?

The chiffon...well, I could hardly bear to touch it.  I don't know what chiffon has done to me in the past to make me feel this way. I suspect it's just not breathable, and that's what I'm reacting to.

There were also some real successes.

We'll see.

I've had a sort out of the patterns I've also been buying in the last 10 days.  I've managed to buy 2 of  2 patterns.  I also had some with a magazine  or two (cough). ome are fab, some not so much. I've been ruthless, and advertised 9 for sale. 2 have sold already, and I found myself thinkng "ooh, fabric money".  That's not the case.  The proceeds WILL be used for paying for the patterns I bought.

The other patterns have been sorted into fabric types,  and I WILL be making something from one of them shortly.


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