Friday, 1 July 2016

Wherever he wanders...

Wash stayed at the Vets for a few days.

We saw him each day, and each day he looked a little brighter.   Another xray, this one showed that the shadow on his lungs was clearing.  All the other test results came back normal.

We got a call from the Vet to day that Wash could come home, and we went and collected him immediately. 

He was so happy to be back! He's looking good, his fur is sleek and soft, and he's very purry.

Hes been back to the Vet since for another checkup, and he's got another one scheduled.

We put a GPS tracker on him overnight so we could see where he goes when he patrols.   His territory is enormous and, worryingly, still includes an area over the main road.   Idiot!

He's also deliberately patrolling in the area where the black and white cat lives. Idiot!!

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