Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Growing up

The weather has been kind enough for the chicks to be out most of the day for the last few days.  For two of the days, however, there were sudden heavy showers. The chicks have no experience of rain (yet), so they don't know to go and shelter under the Go where it's dry;  and because they aren't quite fully feathered, we don't want to leave them out there to find out the hard way. So, this resulted in several mad dashes in the rain to catch the chicks and rish them to the safety and dryness of the shed.
One of the chicks has learned to leap up and perch on the top of the edge of the brooder, This is quite an achievemet as the panel is a metre high, and as it's only epoxy coated weldmesh , there is hardly any grip for the little blighter to catch on to once they get to the top!

It means that, after we've put the chicks away, we have to visit the shed frequently to make sure s/he hasn't escaped.  I don't really mind them getting outside the run per se - the shed is secure - although I don't really want to have to deal with chick poo surprises.  The issue is that that they seeme totally incapable of getting back in (to the food and water) that is the problem.

S/he has also taken to perching there if s/he isn't the first to be taken out in the morning.   In fact this morning, after I'd caught and taken the first chick out,  I came back to find two cheeky beggars sitting waiting to be collected!

They are 6 weeks old now, so don't need heat any more.  They haven't been sleeping anywehre near the Electric Hen for about four days,  the night time temperatures are warmish.  

The weather forecast for tonight and tomorrow is reasonable, so I'm planning on letting the chicks sleep outside in the Go tonight

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