Friday, 8 July 2016

Strange behaviour

I remember some years ago - pre internet -  hearing that people in extreme debt often hid their unopened credit card / utility bills.   I couldn't understand that mentality,  hiding from the bills was 'obviously' the worst thing someone could do.

I was lucky enough to be offered a new sewing (sewing only) machine, at a marvellous price.  I'd been thinking about this particular machine since it was launched, and had been working out how I could get the money together to pay for it.   I'd got to the stage of contacting dealers to see what the best price might be, and I was in a good position because I was perfectly willing to walk away and wait.  I did not expect to pick up such a fab offer. After the briefest of hesitation, I accepted.

The machine arrived the next day.

It's still sitting in my hallway, unopened.

At first, I wanted to wait until I'd sold my current machine. I didn't want her to know she'd been replaced (yes, I know it's a sewing machine. I just feel the way I feel). I was expecting to have the current machine picked up yesterday, but the buyer couldn't make it. And won't make it until early next week.

So, I reasoned, I might as well open it.  I can keep it on the kitchen table, so the current machine doesn't see it.

And yet, all day so far, I've found other things I must get done, before I allow myself to open that box.

I've told people that I'm savouring it.    But that's not really true.

I've been this way with any 'spontaneous' large purchase, and it occurred to me today that it's a bit like hiding the unopened bills.  A bit like it.  A bit.


I guess I'd better get on with it.  I'll be fine when it's open, on the table, and I'm using it.

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