Monday, 4 February 2013

Then there were two

Am absolutely shattered this morning.   Had a strange dream, where I was being embalmed and buried (alive).  I was slowly suffocating, the coffin had been mostly filled with soil as well so there wasn't much oxygen to start with.   I was saved by the phone ringing at 1.55am, which woke me up.

It was a relatively early start today, as DH and OC (Other Chap) were going to cull 3 dinner cockerels, leaving us with 2 potential breeding cockerels.    The 3 that are going were never really in the running for breeding cockerel.   The two that are, Grey Ring and Indiana, are the two boys who were friendliest as chicks, and had their cards marked from very early on.     Really we should probably have Made The Decision and culled 4 cockerels today, but it's just too difficult.

On the one hand we have Indiana  (yellow ring),  whoseplus points are that he was the original friendly chick, and the fact that he isn't brother to any of the Girls.   He is an Indian Game x Welsh Black, and we only had one of those hatch which is him.

On the other hand we have Grey Ring, whose plus points are that he was the second friendly chick,  he's a strapping lad, and is top chook.   He may or may  not be brother to some or all of the Girls, we just don't know. There were two other strains that hatched,  some Australorp x Welsh Black and some Welsh Black x Welsh Black.   We have no idea which batch he is from, and we have no idea which batch(es) the Girls are from.

We haven't spent time handling either boy, so I have no idea what their temperaments are like now.  Ideally, I'd like to keep them both until the breeding season starts and we can see how they behave. I have a soft spot for them both.  And common sense tells me that the unrelated Indiana is a good choice.  But Grey is gorgeous and currently top Chook, and I just can't bring myself to send him for the chop.

There are currently 6 girls between them, so we'll see what happens over the next week or two.

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