Friday, 15 February 2013


DH built a walk in run for me years ago.    It's fantastic.  

The Cube run, which joins the side, has been extended over the years,  and then we added the chick cube, making an F shape.  Tilda currently uses the Chick's cube and run during the day, which is fine until we hatch chicks later in the year.

Over the years, the flooring level has gradually got lower and lower as the various Girls have rooked and scratched and dustbathed in it, and I have cleaned out and put in fresh Aubiose.   It has now reached breaking point - so low that I was reluctant to clean it out.

We discussed various options - including, of course, paving it.  We had tried rubber chippings in one of the Cube runs.  They were OK, but I think are better suited to an unroofed area.   We talked about getting some of that car parking hexagonal stuff, but in the end we tried something else.

So, today, everything came out of the run, and DH set to work levelling it, barrowing insoil from the rest of the garden, and then putting some mesh on the floor, compacting as he went.  A final layer of fresh soil, more compacting... and it looks fabulous.    I sprinkled some horse bedding over it,  but wasn't sure whether I was better off going gor a little or a lot.  I opted for a little, time will tell if that was the wrong choice. 

Everything back in... wonder what the Girls will think?

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