Sunday, 17 February 2013

Taking advantage

Lotti and Poppy are friendlier than ever.  Since visiting the school, I've continued with my daily pick-up-and-give-treat routine.   Whenever I go in the hens' area,  POppy and Lotti run around my feet and want to be picked up.  If I don't pick them up,  one or other or both of them will try and fly up to land on my arm, even if my arm isn't outstretched.

Today I went in, stroked the two of them and attempted - in vain - to stroke the others.  Milly hadn't looked right this morning.  Actuallhy, she hadn't looked right last night, she hadn't come running in when I put corn in the run, and she hadn't run away when I went to pick her up.

This morning, she just didn't look right.  It's a hard thing to explain.  Her eyes looked fine, her enormous comb was bright red, she was up and about.... but she just wasn't behaving like her normal nasty self.

After breakfast I went out again with the intention of picking her up and giving her a quick check over.  I did so, and she was very esay to catch (definitely not right!).  I was holding her in my arms when I heard this frenzy of flapping and Lotti (jealous?) had landed on the back of my neck.  I slowly stood up straight dso that she could manouevre herself onto my shoulder.  As I was doing this,  Poppy flew up and landed on my arm - the arm I was holding Milly with.  With Milly clasped in my two hands,  I dropped my shoulder slightly and Poppy hopped up.

I looked like a greedy pirate - a bird on each shoulder.

Ooh ar.

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