Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Winter prep

A break in the rain today, so I took the opportunity to scrub the roof panels on the Run,  and I also replaced the summer covers/shades with a waterproof winter tarpaulin on the Cube run part.

It's a bit of a balancing act.  I want to weatherproof that part of the run, but I need to allow it to breathe as well.  The fantastic heavy duty clear tarp that I bought is superb at the weatherproofing, but hopeless at breathability.

So I faffed about for ages before I cut the tarp to size (it was 3m x4m, and I was dithering about the best way to cut it to leave me a useable piece for the spare run).

In the end, I decided to use Omlet wind shades along the bottom of one side, to provide breathability but some protection,  and the tarpaulin over ther rest.  For the moment, I've left the area immediately under the Cube cover free,  I will add the wind shades to this as the weather worsens.

The Girls were very excited.  Lily "helped" me where I was pulling the bungee cords through the weldmesh (fortunately her beak isn't too sharp these days),;and Florence decided to test the side of the new panels for edibility.    When Florence announced that  it wasn't edible,  'Tilda came to have a look and tested it herself, just in case

It's hard to get a decent pic of the whole setup - I'm pleased I cleaned the roof panels before I took this one..
 One of the good things about the new Tarp is that Iit's possible to see through it, a little bit anyway.  You can see the Cube ladder through it in the picture above. 

And while I was upstairs taking this, I spied Izzy on a shed roof...

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