Saturday, 16 October 2010

An apple a day...

The apples on the other two trees are now ripe enough to be harvested,  and we found teh extra long handle for the fruit picker so we can get more of the lovely Golden NOble apples from the middle tree as well.

Over the last few days DH has been busy picking,  and we now have 8 crates - yes, 8 crates - of apples in the kitchen.

Today we started wshing, crushing and pressing them, ready to turn them into cider.  We've done one pressing of 20 kilos of apples so far. The next 20 kilos are washed and ready to be crushed.  And I  have about 40Kilos either washed or sitting in one of the sinks.  And I still have crates to empty.

I'll be back later to update....

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