Saturday, 16 October 2010

Several hours later....

My spreadsheet tells me that I've washed and weighed just over 103 Kilos of apples, which DH has crushed and pressed to turn into cider.   I've also got another 4 or so kilos in a pan simmering  on the hob, which I will portion and freeze when cold.

The volume of juice varied according to variety. Our best result was with our russet tree, with an excellent conversion rate of about 65%. The combined fruit from the other two trees yielded 50-53% juice, which isn't bad. 

Not sure of the total yield ytet, DH is still pressing the final batch.

The crushing was very fast, the pressing was a bottleneck, not surprising with this quantity of apples.  I think we'll invest in a cloth and rack press for next year.

I'm just taking a break from cleaning up.

I'll update later when I have the final yield.

UPDATE: 62 litres of juice, an average of about 60% conversion.
Most has been prepped for cider, but I have 2 litres of juice which I pasteurised this morning.  

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