Friday, 23 July 2010

Everyone is still here

We decided to wait until the Blue Ring Sasso starts to try and crow before we dispatch him.  Ideally we'd like to dispatch all 3 boys together, and the others are a bit smaller and haven't turned into cockerels yet.

Since making that decision, Bue has managed to get into a bit of a kerfuffle with Roo.  Not sure if it was an accident, or deliberate.    We've now run a second line of fencing between the two pens, creating a "No Mans Land".

I suspect Monday will be "The Day". He will be nearly 13 weeks old then, and the other boys will be 12 weeks old.

This means it is now decision time about the Girls.  We had planned that the Australorp would come and live with my Garden Girls (along with another pullet , different breed, from another breeder);  the Welsh Black and one of the Sassos would join the Breeding Flock,   and the other Sasso girl would be a dinner girl.

I haven't been able to get hold of the breeder,  so we've decided to change plans.  I'll bring one of the Sasso girls home along with the Australorp.  

Even if the other breeder gets in touch now, I'll have to decline the pullet I was planning to buy.  Now that we've decided to keep both Sassos,  getting another bird would mean a death sentence doe one of the Sassos, and that doesn't feel right.

Meanwhile, Rose and Ruby are healing well.  Took Rose to the Vet for a checkup yesterday as it's been 3 weeks since we last went.  Very pleased with how it is healing.  We're stopping  the antibiotics now, but continuing with the yoghurt, Avipro and Nettex Poultry Drops.

It'll still be a few weeks before they are completely healed and able to be reunited with Roo and Mrs.

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