Monday, 12 July 2010


The bumper harvest of sour cherries continues.

We'be already put a load in to create cherry vodka (which actually tastes of Christmas),  and we cooked and bottled loads with Kirsch (three month wait to see what they taste like).

Yesterday DH made a sour cherry sauce to have with some duck breasts.  It was lovely.    The sort of thing that would aslo go well with Yoghurt, and cakes, and desserts, especially as I don't like things too sweet.

So today he agreed to pick yet more cherries and make a big batch of the sauce which we can freeze in individual portions.  mmmmmmmmmm

The birds are taking loads of cherries as well, which I really don't mind.   The smaller species grab a whole cherry and fly off with kt.    I'm not quite so keen on the parakeets and pigeons,  who tend to nibble the cherry on the tree, and when they get part way through the cherry falls off and splats on the pathway.  Such a waste of fruit.


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